Scoping Smart Mobility

Scoping Smart Mobility provides data for our clients to make informed decisions on their biggest frustration with their employees commuting problems:

I know there is a problem with employees commuting to my organisation and I need to change their corporate travel behaviour.  I need the data to be able to understand these options to implement the right solutions for our business.

Scoping Smart Mobility provides you with the information needed to create a business case. It presents the impact on efficiency and cost saving that the new travel options could bring to individuals, how the organisation will have a positive impact on the environment, employee health and wellbeing and their own parking/car park costs.

If any of these capture your current frustration as a business, then the Scoping Smart Mobility tool could help you!

I employ hundreds of people, but I have no idea how I can improve their commute to work and encourage more sustainable modes of travel.
I’ve got a new office opening, I need to help all my staff get there. to ensure high volumes of retention and establish a way of allocating parking permits.
I have a regular influx of employees at the same time each year (Christmas temps) who all seem to struggle getting to work, and finding parking, I need to improve it.
My organisation is in a travel poverty area, where my staff numbers are high, but access to my offices is difficult because of its location.
The public transport infrastructure is poor for our employees, we need to evidence commercial viability to our local service providers to formulate a business case for improved routes and stops.


What data do I need to provide?

All we need are your employee postcodes, a start time of work and a destination postcode.  If you want to be able to associate any travel information back to an individual then we can use a unique identifiable reference that links back to your data.


What can I do with the data?

The Liftshare Scoping service analyses this data to make your decisions simple by providing you with a comprehensive Travel Solutions Scoping Report.  We understand that behaviour change can only occur when commuters are made aware of their transport choices. Once you receive the report you have the tools and guidance to make informed decisions, review the impact you could make on your business and employees and implement travel solutions that will make a difference:

Use the Travel Solution Scoping Report to formulate a business plan to aid an internal business case.
Raise awareness of the current issues being faced and make informed decisions and recommendations to make a difference.
Evidence employee and employer savings.
Understand how you can be making change to impact the environment and your employee’s health and wellbeing.
Responsive support with expertise in knowing what will bring you success.
Establish the right modes of sustainable travel and target employee’s accordingly.

What do our clients say?

“Using the Liftshare Travel Solution Scoping report enabled us as telecommunications specialists employing a high number of call centre staff on shifts, to offer a more flexible commute option. As a result of the report we will be allocating a number of dedicated car share bays in line with the sharing potential identified in the report. The bays will be near the main entrance meaning those finishing a late shift can meet in a safe place and share their journey home. We were also able to understand what shifts have a good public transport infrastructure as another sustainable travel option. The Liftshare Success Team will be supporting us in championing the sustainable travel options to all employees through the delivery of personalised travel plans.” Facilities Director, Telecommunications Industry

“We would not have known the extent of the travel options available to our employees or been able to provide educated recommendations had it not been for the powerful tool that is Scoping.” Tony Kopsch, Stirling University


What happens after I receive the information from Scoping Smart Mobility?

As part of the report, Liftshare will advise you on next step recommendations to support your businesses objectives. This can range from:

Reducing the demand for parking and reducing congestion

Cost savings

Health and Wellbeing and Corporate Social Responsibility


Do you have to already be a user of Liftshare to benefit?

No! As we said, all we need is your post code data!

When is this available to use?

Immediately! The product is ready to use right now for all of our existing and potential clients.