Scoping Smart Mobility

Scoping Smart Mobility provides data for our clients to make informed decisions on their biggest frustration with their employees commuting problems:

I know there is a problem with employees commuting to my organisation and I need to change their corporate travel behaviour.  I need the data to be able to understand these options to implement the right solutions for our business.

Scoping Smart Mobility provides you with the information needed to create a business case. It presents the impact on efficiency and cost saving that the new travel options could bring to individuals, how the organisation will have a positive impact on the environment, employee health and wellbeing and their own parking/car park costs.

If any of these capture your current frustration as a business, then the Scoping Smart Mobility tool could help you!

I employ hundreds of people, but I have no idea how I can improve their commute to work and encourage more sustainable modes of travel.
I’ve got a new office opening, I need to help all my staff get there. to ensure high volumes of retention and establish a way of allocating parking permits.
I have a regular influx of employees at the same time each year (Christmas temps) who all seem to struggle getting to work, and finding parking, I need to improve it.
My organisation is in a travel poverty area, where my staff numbers are high, but access to my offices is difficult because of its location.
The public transport infrastructure is poor for our employees, we need to evidence commercial viability to our local service providers to formulate a business case for improved routes and stops.